Concord Senior Center
2727 Parkside Circle, Concord


Traveling South on I-680 S/Benicia-Martinez Brg

Take the Willow Pass Rd exit, EXIT 51, toward Taylor Boulevard.

Turn left onto Willow Pass Rd.

Go 1.79 miles to turn left onto Port Chicago Hwy.

Port Chicago Hwy is just past East St

Take the 3rd right onto Bonifacio St.

Bonifacio St is just past Pacheco St

Turn left onto Parkside Cir.

2727 Parkside Cir, Concord, CA  is on the right.


I-680 North toward Sacramento

Merge onto CA-242 N via EXIT 50 toward Concord/Pittsburg

Then 2.14 miles

Take the Grant St exit, EXIT 2, toward Solano Way

Turn right onto Grant St.

Grant St becomes East St.

Turn left onto Bonifacio St.

Bonifacio St is just past Almond Ave

Turn left onto Parkside Cir.

Parkside Cir is just past Port Chicago Hwy

2727 Parkside Cir, Concord, CA is on the right.

Meetings are on Wednesdays beginning September 14, 2016
Our new meeting place will be the Concord Senior Center
at 2727 Parkside Circle, Concord

Regular meetings are held the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 12 noon.